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the culture candy takes miami

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Jency Sekaran
digital art continuation

Jency is an Indian American artist from Snellville, Georgia who loves New York City for the wide variety in art, food and culture. She currently lives in NYC and works as a Research Scientist for the New York City Department of Health as an epidemiologist. Speaking of culture, Jency creates #fortheculture by using her art to create a conversation about colorism and other stigmas within South Asian cultures. With a passion for fighting for racial equity, Jency works to "to be able to spread awareness about colorism and also show other South Asians that we can be what we want to be and don't need to fall into societal pressures."

Socials: @art_by_jency_15il

the artists

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Lee Lee 

La Cubana

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monito bandido

Alexandra “Ale” Vaughan (or as her family calls her Monito) , is a Nicaraguan, Brooklyn-based artist. Her art is mostly inspired by her childhood in Latin America (Nicaragua and Costa Rica). She grew up surrounded by lively colors, art, music, and design that imprinted themselves on her innate sensibilities.

Socials: @monitobandido

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Junior charles

Junior Charles is an African American NYC based pop artist who brings color to his hometown of Brooklyn by exploring bold colors in botanical imagery. He aims to spread beauty and color in gray areas and bring life to urban and industrial areas.

Socials: @juniorcharlsart

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Lee Lee La Cubana

Lee Lee La Cubana is an Afro-Latinx artist from the Lower East Side who creates contemporary pop art works that are reminiscent of her upbringing in urban New York in the 90's-00's. As a pop-artist, she connects with her audience using nostalgia to have spiritual, socio-economic and political conversations with the viewer by creating a moment of reflection in what was and what is, within themselves and society. An honoree of Crain's 20 in their 20's 2022, she is a co-owner of The Culture Candy and works to create paths and opportunities for artists to showcase their work and not be afraid to pursue art as a career.

Socials: @leeleelacubana

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third eye theory

Lara, also known as Third Eye Theory, creates art to remind us of our intimate connection between ourselves and everything around us. “As above, so below,” is a great influence behind her process. When we engage in self discovery, we find authentic expression. Behind the door of vibrant visuals are tools to dive into our psychological healing journey. We have the ability to turn pain into purpose and passion into action.

Socials: @thirdeyetheory

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M.C. Hewlett is an NYC based abstract artist, trans activist, and kindness consultant, using art to inspire love and hope one canvas at a time. M.C. is a transgender activist who creates to share the love of their community and inspire others to be seen. They're work includes a combination of abstract imagery that personally resonate with the artist's experience, phrases used within their community, and splashes of color that are inclusive of positivity.

Socials: @mchewlettnyc

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