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An Art Basel Recap

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Miami Art Week is The only time of year when buyers, collectors, critics, and creatives come together in one spot. Each year the Culture Candy team packs their bags and heads down to Sunny Miami for the Art Basel International Art Convention. An experience that shifts our team in terms of how we experience and discuss art as a whole.

The Culture Candy Team landed in warm Miami on a Friday night which was a relief from the cold breeze in New York City

Our Miami schedule was jammed packed, so we began our night at La Mulatta, for dinner, tres leches cake, and expressos! Oh, the expressos! All and All, La Mulatta will always be a stop.

The next day we hosted a brunch for the Team in the Orange Blossom Garden; A Culture Candy Exhibition that featured LeeleeLaCubana, Mojito Bondito, MC Hewlett, Junior Charles, and Third Eye Theory. The colorful display curated on the water turned the heads of buyers and collectors who attended the company brunch. MC Hewlett also joined us for brunch and They are always a pleasure!

We shared in business best practices and laughter and headed over to the Amazon Prime Exhibit “Riches”. A wonderful display of the African American journey of self and their relationship to their hair. Here the team took pictures, had a brief team huddle, and headed back for a wardrobe

Change before attending the main show at the convention.

Art Basel offered many highlights, culture, fashion, vibes, and space for networking with other creatives. It doesn’t matter if you entered at the east or west entrance, meaningful conversations would easily recharter your course through the exhibits.

The Team shared espressos and laughs at the viral ATM display. An exhibit that dares Basel goers to swipe their card and display their account balance next to a photo of themselves, one of the most crowded exhibits.

The Team made their rounds and connected with cool creatives and influencers. We took it all in before the convention closed for the night, and can I say we were famished? After one more wardrobe change, the team meets for dinner at Habitat. I'll leave that there check out Habitat for yourself.

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