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As we seek these opportunities to be seen by a larger audience often times we ask ourselves what does it take? Or what needs to been done to make sure that we are prepared for these opportunities. Founder and Co-President Ashley Miah has taken the time to address all you need to know about branding yourself as an artists in her ebook entitled: START (How To Start Your Art Career)

START a must read step by step guide for younger artist to learn everything they need to know to get their career as artists off the ground. Dropping jewels about art history, personal branding, and much more.

START is available for purchase now at be sure to download your copy today and get your art career started.

While The Culture Candy has created a community of diverse artists, curators and creatives who work together in support of one another and our mission to create opportunities to be visible we always want to make sure that we are prepared to receive the views of the larger audience by being prepared and thinking ahead.

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