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The Culture Candy is a NYC based arts organization that celebrates Culture, the arts, and underrepresented artists by providing up and coming artists with showcase opportunities. Founded by Lee Lee La Cubana and Zalika Zeni, two artists of color seeking equal opportunities to be seen, The Culture Candy is dedicated to encouraging young minority, female, LGBTQ+, and many other underrepresented creatives to pursue their artistic passions through their involvement in community programs, pop-up events, gallery exhibitions, and facility curations throughout NYC.

For The

In curating events, The Culture Candy has created a community of diverse artists, curators and creatives. Our artists work together in support of one another and our mission. In partnership, The Culture Candy has worked to expand the New York City underground art scene network by sharing opportunities with other curation teams and presenting artists with opportunities outside of our company. In addition to a presence in the underground art scene, The Culture Candy has created opportunities in the art world for underrepresented artists.

In support of minority youth, The Culture Candy partakes in many community outreach events and takes up charitable contribution to give back to the city that we call home, NYC. The Culture Candy has partnered with The Summer Youth Employment Program to teach young artists how to start their art careers, raised money for homeless New Yorkers, provided food donations to hungry New Yorkers and have partnered with The School Girl Foundation for community projects in support of minority youth in Harlem, New York.

For The

The Culture Candy is created for the people, by the people with a mission to preserve urban culture through artistic expression and branding. Our 'For the Culture' slogan is intended for our audience to express their 'why' in what motivates them to create in visual arts, music, fashion, etc. Some of our past pop-ups are themed with classic New York culture references such as 'The Bodega' to give additional perspectives to what is considered art in our everyday life and surroundings. Catering to all audiences, we also create opportunities for upscale showings to give artists from various socio-economic backgrounds the stage to be discovered.

Meet The Team

The Culture Candy is a woman and minority owned business, created with us in mind. We seek to diversify the art world by creating opportunities for people who are underrepresented, like ourselves. That's what makes our mission so personal to us, we take pride in our work, our artists work and our representation. Leaders in innovation, we work to create innovative ways to expand where art is seen and are fighting for the modern day visual artists to receive as much recognition as those in other creative industries.


Ashley Miah

known as Lee Lee La Cubana

Founder and CEO


Zalika Zeni

Founder and VP of Culture and Community Development

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Tayler Hernandez

Director of Finance and Technical Design

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Crystal Bissessar

Director of Art and Engagement

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Danielle Rayson

Director of Global Development

and Operations

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heART Con is an existing NYC art week and convention founded by The Culture Candy. heART Con's mission is to celebrate art with the creation of NYC art week and a convention soon to follow, showcasing well known contemporary art alongside underrepresented art in efforts to bridge the gaps in opportunities for underrepresented artists in the art world.


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