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mc hewlett

M.C. Hewlett is an NYC based abstract artist, trans activist, and kindness consultant, using art to inspire love and hope one canvas at a time. M.C. is a transgender activist who creates to share the love of their community and inspire others to be seen. They're work includes a combination of abstract imagery that personally resonate with the artist's experience, phrases used within their community, and splashes of color that are inclusive of positivity. Represented by The Culture Candy, MC Hewlett has shown in galleries, events, and more throughout NYC.


our artists

We have a collective of artists who make up our artist community and network. These artists show with us at varied events, based on the curation, and have developed their artistic careers through our opportunities. See some of our frequently requested artists below:

Image by Womanizer Toys

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We have featured over 100 artists and small businesses in our events and curations. While we have a pool of frequently requested artists for larger curations, we have an extensive pool of artists that are featured in our pop-up events and more! With an interest in showcasing creatives and innovators of all types, we also curate pop-up markets and invite small businesses to vend during opening nights and other events to gain product exposure.


Image by Allyssa Olaivar

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