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For general inquiries, collaboration requests, proposals, how to participate, how to sponsor and more drop us a line below or email us at

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Donations help us secure larger venues for artists to showcase their work and alleviate administrative fees for artists. 

Currently, we are raising funds for heART Con

you can learn more about the mission at or contact us for sponsorship opportunities for this concept.

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  • What opportunities do you have for artists?
    We are a curation company that organizes exhibition and event opportunities in both the underground and contemporary art scenes. This means all exhibition types may function differently. Please see the appropriate page or FAQ for each event type if you have questions regarding those events. Additionally, we are a community (collective) of artists and function as an Art Family. We provide feature opportunities for artists, and do our part to provide artists with development advice. If you'd like to be featured on our platforms, please email us at
  • How do I apply to exhibit?
    Artists can apply for our opportunities by following us on instagram to stay up to date with new exhibitions. Some of our opportunities such as Facility Curations or Art & Dines have applications that run on a rolling basis. You can click the link in our bio's on social media to access any applications or make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter. Email us at if you are having trouble subscribing to our newsletters or to apply for any opportunities that you are having trouble locating the applications for.
  • I am not a visual artist, but I make crafts or vend for my small business. Can I participate in events?
    YES! Some of our events such as Pop-ups have space for small business vendors and crafters to showcase their passions. Look out for Pop-up event applications or email us!
  • Pop-Up Events
    Pop-Up Exhibitions are a temporary (usually one day or weekend) event that is unformal and interactive for artists and attendees. Pop-Ups are sometimes referred to as "Art Party" in some underground art networks (music & drinks) or "Art Networking" events (socializing with the art community). Our Pop-Ups are hands-on events that have our team in attendance, usually have a bar, are network focused for the art community, and usually themed to celebrate Urban New York or various underrepresented minority cultures that are relevant to the New York Experience. Some of our Pop-Up partners and reference events include 88 Events (The Bodega 2021), The Brooklyn Art Cave (Botanica 2021, New New 2023), The Bedstuy Art House (A Seat at The Table 2023), The Ketchup Gallery (Newsstand 2022), Gantry State Plaza (Outdoor Art Gala 2020), Pretty Ricky's (The Ball 2022)
  • What is an Art & Dine?
    We curate for various restaurants to celebrate culinary x visual arts, and rotate artists to help them gain exposure. These exhibitions take place at restaurants Artists who are placed at restaurants are provided with an installation and pick-up date from the curator contact, artists organize their own opening night in which they invite family and friends to view their work, all inquiries for purchases are forwarded to the artist and the artist assists in promoting the restaurant. This is an investment for artists to gain brand awareness through the heavy foot traffic at our partnered locations. The Culture Candy directors and executives are not required to be present at art & dine openings unless time permits as we have many curations that go on at once, however some Art & Dines contain Pop-Up nights or group opening nights based on the locations and agreement at the specific location.
  • What's an Art Market?
    Art markets are pop-up markets that are displayed vendor-style (with tables/stations). These take place in parks (Astoria Art Market 2021), or community event spaces (La Tiendita Jackson Heights Market 2022). Markets showcase artists, craft vendors, small businesses and more. These are great opportunities to connect with local community members for brand awareness and testing your products.
  • What's an Exhibit/Curation?
    Exhibitions are group shows or solo shows that do not include the art party aspects of a Pop-Up. These exhibitions have opening nights or closing receptions that are more in-line with traditional art world expectations. These curation opportunities take place at galleries such as The Ketchup Gallery (PWR 2022), lounges such as Orange Blossom (Miami Art Week 2022), public spaces such as Chelsea Market (The Melting Pot for NYC Art Week 2022), and various facilities such as health clubs, hotels and private events with some of our partners (Turner Construction, Steinway Mansion, etc.) The Culture Candy directors and executives are not required to be present at all curation openings unless time permits as we have many curations that go on at once, however some contain Pop-Up nights or group opening nights based on the locations and agreement at the specific location
  • Are there fees to exhibit?
    We make an active effort to keep costs as affordable for artists. Most of our exhibitions have an administrative fee, however artists keep all sales. The administrative fee is put toward our overhead and some of our team's time in coordinating and planning the event. There are some opportunities that are just commission based with no administrative fees. This varies per opportunity. Artists can also be featured with us for free, or access artist opportunities and submit posts for publishing on our site to promote with our website membership.
  • I'm participating in a show, what's next?
    If you are participating in an event or exhibition, you will be contacted by a member of our team with installation date/time/material information, a flyer, pick-up date/time, and any other information you may need for the showcase. If you haven't heard from our team 1-week after reserving your showcase, please email to confirm we have your correct contact information. Communication is primarily sent via email, but is also sent via instagram DM by our interns. We encourage you to read about the event type you are showcasing in, listed in our guide, so that you have a clear expectation on the event your participating in. Artists should also view our marketing tips on how to market their event participation.
  • Market your participation in a show
    Post the flyer in your story twice a week until show time. (Tip: tag the curator and other artists showing to expand your audience.) Ask your close family and friends to share the flyer and attend with you and take a photograph with your work. This gives you content to use when promoting future shows and helps build your portfolio. Post teasers of work you're showing in an upcoming shows with links to the eventbrite or curator pages. Follow other artists in the show and share their work to your store with links to the upcoming show and curator page. Invite people you've been wanting to work with to come view your art in the show, invite other artists, or community members.
  • Our Mission
    The Culture Candy is a NYC based arts organization that celebrates Culture, the arts, and underrepresented artists by providing up and coming artists with showcase opportunities. Founded by Ashley Miah "Lee Lee La Cubana" and Zalika Zeni, two artists of color seeking equal opportunities to be seen, The Culture Candy is dedicated to encouraging young minority, female, LGBTQ+, and many other underrepresented creatives to pursue their artistic passions through their involvement in community programs, pop-up events, gallery exhibitions, and facility curations throughout NYC. The Culture Candy is created for the people, by the people with a mission to preserve urban culture through artistic expression and branding. Our 'For the Culture' slogan is intended for our audience to express their 'why' in what motivates them to create in visual arts, music, fashion, etc. Some of our past pop-ups are themed with classic New York culture references such as 'The Bodega' to give additional perspectives to what is considered art in our everyday life and surroundings. Catering to all audiences, we also create opportunities for upscale showings to give artists from various socio-economic backgrounds the stage to be discovered.
  • Who owns The Culture Candy?
    The Culture Candy is a woman and minority owned business, created with us in mind. We seek to diversify the art world by creating opportunities for people who are underrepresented, like ourselves. That's what makes our mission so personal to us, we take pride in our work, our artists work and our representation. Leaders in innovation, we work to create innovative ways to expand where art is seen and are fighting for the modern day visual artists to receive as much recognition as those in other creative industries. Ashley Miah "Lee Lee La Cubana" Founder & C.E.O. Zalika Zeni Sterling Founder & V.P. of Community and Culture Tayler Hernandez Director of Technical Design & Finance Crystal Bissessar Director of Art & Engagement Danielle Rayson Director of Global Development & Operations
  • Who have I been in contact with?
    While we're excited to be hands-on in your journey, we work continuously behind the scenes to create more and more opportunities for underrepresented artists, to bridge the gap between the underground and contemporary art scenes. We're partnered with CUNY schools and SYEP to provide young creatives with internship opportunities! Our interns rotate regularly and help us stay organized and in contact with the art community. However, our owners are all actively engaging our art family as well, developing personal relationships with artists is a part of our culture.
  • How can I join the team?
    We are always seeking interns looking to gain experience in the art industry. You can email your resume and cover letter to to inquire about any opportunities to expand our team.
  • I am an artist, who do I contact?
    Your first point of contact will be our administrative team at @theculturecandy on Instagram or through email. Communication starts with our interns and transitions to ownership based on the inquiry.
  • I am a creative, how do I join?
    The great news is, being a part of our Art Family is free and easy! Just follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our newsletter and email us at or click the link in our social media bio to download our Collective Guide which includes all the information you need to participate in an exhibition, get featured, and a free artist development intro guide.
  • How do a qualify got Top 40
    What we're looking for: We're looking for artists who have been seasoned in their craft and are working to make a difference in the art community. This means you have your statement, bio, page and site with show history on the art scene. There are cases that don't have all these elements but show spirit and hustle in their craft. All are encourages to apply, email to learn how to apply.
  • Our Day One's
    Support fellow artists by being a leader in the art community! Our Day One artists help expand our Art Family and are leaders in our community. After time (based on availability and resources) we repay these artists by pitching them to art publications who work with us, offering free show space in pop-ups or exhibits, features, merch, introducing them to other curators and considering them for opportunities like Miami Art Week or Chelsea Opportunities. If you want to be a leader in our Art Family: Take photos and videos at our events and send them to us Email reviews of our company to Refer other artists to showcase their work with us Actively promote shows you participate in
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