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Love, Blossoms, Peace and Lilies: Junior Charles Solo Exhibition

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

August 19th, 2022 through August 23rd, 2022 Junior Charles, a Brooklyn born pop artist who explores bold colors with botanical imagery, had his debut solo exhibition at The Ketchup Gallery. Bringing it home to Brooklyn, The Ketchup Gallery located in Bushwick, transformed to a colorful space of peace and lilies with the precise and intentional works created by Junior Charles. At first glance, the back wall curated of three wood cut crowns, grabs the viewer's attention luring them into the space. As the eye leads around the room clockwise, the bright works of floral and graphic pop design fill viewers with escape and adoration for the very colorful and technical work put into these pieces. In addition to the love and peace found in the blossoming lilies, Charles' framing techniques opened up the viewer's ideas around framing. Canvases were backed and with open white framing, wooden circles added a contrasting structures to the precision framing of the canvases, and a framed skateboard added to the depth of the curatorial flow of intentionally framed works. Center stage in this exhibition, was a hand made round table made by the artist tying the entire exhibition to the space.

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