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Meet Ashshahid Muhammad

Meet Ashshahid Muhammad, a visual artist and comic book author from Staten Island, NY.

Inspired by artists like Jean-Mihael Basquiat, Ashshahid became an artist when he saw that he could express himself through art. Ashshahid's mission as an artist and author is to help educate our youth about drugs, bullying, gangs, guns and jails. Through his work and instruction, Ashshahid uses his experiences to help today's youth understand the consequences

and awareness of street related lifestyles. A true example of Art meets Culture (ART X CULTURE), Ashshahid's culture ties into his art and style, making him an example of urban success and a local hero in his community that young men can look up to.

"If we do not educate our youth about drugs, bullying, gangs, guns, or jails. The streets will teach them the hard way."

Instagram: @_g.u.c.b

All Ashshahid's comic books are sold on


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