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A Summer at Chelsea Market: June - Sept Curations by The Culture Candy

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The Culture Candy had the honor of onboarding as a rotating curator for Chelsea Market, providing our artists with a presence in Chelsea. Some would call Chelsea the Capitol of the New York City art scene, or even the world since 57% of participating galleries in worldwide art conventions such as Art Basel are New York City galleries. In honor of the launch of NYC Art Week or heART Week, The Culture Candy curated a "Chelsea Market Takeover" through heART Con called The Melting Pot. This curation consisted of artists: Hungry Artist NY, Francis Gautier, Lovedom, Lee Lee La Cubana, Donuts and Henny, Zalika Zeni, Jency Sekaran, Diamond Sanchez and Michelle Buser. Work was seen, tagged on social media, and purchased by the city of New York and the tourism that the market attracts. In mid July, the exhibition was swapped out for our summer display called Made in NY featuring artists MC Hewlett, Jency Sekaran, Eye of Robyn, Eric Freur, Lee Lee La Cubana and Zalika Zeni. We look forward to our next rotation of curation and providing our artists the platform they deserve, on the grand stage of the Chelsea art scene.

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