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The Ball: Celebrating Pride For The Culture

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

On June 18th, 2022 The Culture Candy debuted their Drag Cabaret show in efforts to highlight drag performance as a respectable performance art for NYC Pride. Six drag performers graced Pretty Ricky's in the Lower East Side with five hours of musical song and dance to ICONIC numbers. Mother of the house, Ms. Lola Deville, choreographed performances that kept the audience engaged and having fun. In addition to the artistic performances, The Culture Candy curated the restaurant featuring art by MC Hewlett who is not only a known artist but a transgender activist and kindness consultant. They're work brightened up the space, catching the attention of audience members and guests. Cindy Guzman, known as Cin4Me, accompanied them with a bar display of resin-pop art trays that sold throughout the event.

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