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The Spotlight: Heart Con 2022 Cohort Part II Lee Lee La Cubana, Zalika Zeni, Amanda Jackson

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Lee Lee La Cubana:

Lee Lee La Cubana is an Afro-Latinx artist from the Lower East Side who creates contemporary pop art works that are reminiscent of her upbringing in urban New York in the 90's-00's. As a pop-artist, she connects with her audience using nostalgia to have spiritual, socio-economic and political conversations with the viewer by creating a moment of reflection in what was and what is, within themselves and society. An honoree of Crain's 20 in their 20's 2022, she is a co-owner of The Culture Candy and works to create paths and opportunities for artists to showcase their work and not be afraid to pursue art as a career.

Zalika Zeni:

Zalika Zeni is a West Indian artist and designer from Brooklyn, NY and co-owner of The Culture Candy, providing artists with showcase opportunities. She explores freedom as an artist, creating series of works in fluid styles that allow for herself and the viewer to move through the freedom of expression. Zalika loves the multi-cultural theme of New York. With a voice for education, she leads workshops and conversation with youth through workshops with The Culture Candy, encouraging freedom in art and exploration in style.


Amanda Jackson

Amanda also known as the Moonlightin Artist is a Brooklyn-based self-taught multidisciplinary artist from the small town of Childersburg, AL specializing in charcoal, digital, and acrylic portraits. Much like the moon in the night sky, art has lit a way for Amanda "Art has always been a part of me and I've always relied heavily on Art to get me through the hardships of life. Because of this, I’ve found myself creating through the dark. I breathe life into my work. I like light. I like colors. I love capturing the essence of a person, of a feeling. Once I was able to grow out of the shadows as the way to create, my work became more of what I wanted to see on walls and in the world." Culture is an important part of Amanda's work, "To me it’s not only important to learn, embody, and embrace the culture of my people, but to share its power, it’s impact, and it’s truth as well." Unrestricted to a specific style, Amanda allows herself the freedom to create "My artistic style is to lure you into the details. To find you in a space of feeling, and be a light guiding you out."

"I love the life I’ve cultivated here. I’ve never been someone who plants roots and settles down. I’ve always kept a bag packed. When I moved here, it was literally just me, no plan, a little money, all the faith my 7 bags could carry, and the 5 years I gave myself to make something happen. I’ve now been here for almost 7 years. The people I’ve met and the family I’ve gained since moving here makes New York feel like home."


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