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The Spotlight: Heart Con 2022 Cohort Part III Hungry Artist NY, Diamond Sanchez, Michelle Buser

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Hungry Artist NY

Justin Wu, known as the Hungry Artist, is an artist from Queens who has been drawing as long as he can remember.With a love for food, Justin combines his passions of food and art through his drawings. "I began creating food illustrations during the pandemic. I aim to positively impact NYC’s food industry by learning and telling the stories of the small business owners, chefs, food vendors, and staff who passionately create the amazing food that we eat throughout NYC. I content create as well as create illustrations for local businesses! It has been incredibly fun and rewarding to connect with local business owners and learn about their experiences."


Diamond Sanchez

Diamond is a self-taught artist from the Bronx, NY who loves the diversity of people, events and restaurants that NYC has to offer. "NYChas made me all the things I love about myself; tough, open minded and outspoken." With a love for art since an early age, Diamond enjoys that art can "evoke different feelings and thoughtsfor different people from the same imagery, without any explanation. Things in life always involve explanation right? So to have something be just what you intend it to be without it being spoken about can be so freeing." Inspired by "familiarity, poetry, music, movement, dreams, color and nature" Diamond aims to expand her talents through different mediums and pass her knowledge along in addition to opening a gallery space that showcases undiscovered talent.


Michelle Buser

Originally from the DMV, Michelle is a Brooklyn based artist who loves the freedom NYC ignites in her to explore and be herself! "I love the freedom NYC ignites in me - to explore and be myself. I love that it pushes me out of any comfort zone. The craziness and independence makes me feel more in touch with my true self. I love that you have to ad lib to make it through this place because I think, coming from a cautious family, it’s good for me and I feel I discover and like more of who I am outside of that. NYC is always welcoming, all heart and no bs, all purpose and no waste. The New York minute is real - you never know what each day will bring and for me, that’s what’s addicting, exciting and inspiring." Inspired by moments such as joy, emotions and "facets of the human experience" Michelle was destined to be an artist from a young age and feels "to build or create something with my own hands is a gift." She is working to be a full-time artist and public figure in the art world


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