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The Spotlight: Heart Con 2022 Cohort Part 5 Nesstolgia, Lovedom, Mixy Inks, Donuts & Henny

Updated: Sep 7, 2022


Vanessa Summers known as Nesstolgia, is a Queens native visual artist with endless possibilities "Art is amazing because the possibilities of what you can do are endless." As a Native New Yorker, Nesstolgia loves the diversity and creative energies of NYC, "I take great inspiration from other forms of art as well as people and environments. I love soaking in the beauty of nature or the architecture of ornate and classic city buildings. But I can become just as inspired by music or poetry as I can in interesting clothing that someone may be wearing. I'm truly a firm believer in inspiration being everywhere if you're willing to take a moment to relish in it."



Dominique "Lovedom" Davenport is a Brooklyn-born Bronx residing Artist Singer and Model. She’s a classically trained Visual Artist whose Alma mater includes the Fashion Institute of Technology and the High School of Art and Design in New York City. Lovedom developed the passion for both music and art around the same time as a child and knew she wanted to pursue a career around both fields. Her goal is to build a brand that encompasses her passions of visual art, singing and modeling. She loves the opportunities NYC offers and with the right hustle, anything can happen! Life itself inspires me. Inspirations comes at anytime in any form such as thought a conversation, through music, a thought, or imagery."

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Mixy Inks

Katrina known as Mixy Inks is a proud New Yorker and great addition to our artist collective. In fact, much like our slogan, she loves New York #fortheculture. In addition to our "only in New York" culture, she loves "that nyc is correlated with making your dreams come true. NYC has a diverse set of opportunities that are available to you here & no where else in the world. Also New York City is filled with extraordinary individuals who create authentic artwork that is literally the foundation of the city." Inspired by her childhood, Mixy pulls from her memory of watching cartoons to create a medley of vibrant colors and abstract designs supplemented with familiar characters. With her use of multiple gel pens, colored pencils, paint markers, brush pens & ink she creates vivid and contrasting colors. By including a variety of cartoons, she instills a sense of nostalgia which resonates with a broad audience as well as influences the youth. Mixy also reflects on the media — its constant change and ubiquitous nature — to craft, in her words, “trippy art.”

"Art is my passion & soul I enjoy being able to express myself & pour my heart out without any boundaries."

"Mixy's goal as an artist is to continue to influence the youth in a positive way & continue making people's soul spark through her art. Mixy has also continued to pursue her passion of drawing and plans to eventually open her own hybrid gallery and clothing store.


Donuts & Henny

Donuts and Henny is an artist from Brooklyn, NY who paints #fortheculture. He loves the diversity of food and people NYC has to offer, including the many talents displayed here including "Artists, Muralists ,Graffiti Artists, Dancers, Street Dancers, Actors, comedians, entrepreneurs, chefs etc. " When asked "Why Art?" he responded "Art is healing to my soul. I just love how the conversation in color provides visual stimulation. Art is like a released message from a bottle once understood." Inspired by his family and community, Donuts and Henny paints through his emotions "I’m moved by raw emotions that I go through day to day. Thank God for giving me the ability to express my feelings through colorful vibes."


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