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M.C. Hewlett - NYC based artist On The Importance of Community On The Art Scene

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

We had the pleasure of catching up with M.C. Hewlett, an NYC based abstract artist, trans activist, and kindness consultant, using art to inspire love and hope one canvas at a time. Represented by The Culture Candy, M.C. Hewlett showcases frequently throughout the art scene and is currently preparing for two Miami Art Week exhibitions. Check out our conversation with M.C. and their views on community

For those who are unfamiliar, explain what you do and how it helps your community.

As an artist, I try to use my work to spread love, kindness, and hope to all who I’m thankful to share it with. I always say…Using art to provide love one canvas at a time to one heart at a time.

What can society do to better support your community?

Support living artists who are currently out there making a difference today!

What makes you passionate about community work, and advocating for your community?

I’m also very active in the transgender community around NYC. Our community is often marginalized and so anything I can do to help those in need in my community I’m gonna do with all my heart.

Shout out where you're from, and how your community has positively impacted who you have grown to be.

I’m currently in Bushwick and love how we all exist in our own unique way.

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