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Self-Care Tips for Artists & Creatives

Between the hypes of hustle and rest cultures, finding a balance that allows you to truly care for yourself is difficult especially as creatives. The nature of our work is a hustle if you are a practicing artist that wants to get noticed and be seen. At The Culture Candy, we encourage our artists to find a good balance between hustle and rest that allows them to flourish while prioritizing self.

“An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.”

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Let's start off by dropping the well-known line, "comparison is the thief of joy." Don't compare yourself to other creatives who are further along in their journeys. Being honest with yourself on your pace, and celebrating your personal accomplishments will help you stay present in your artistic journey and give you the room to enjoy the "now"

2. Embrace Your Originality

Complimenting our first tip on minimizing the comparison mindset, we encourage you to embrace your originality! We are all 1/1, an original. Comparing yourself to other artists and adapting their work or styles can cause us to stray from our paths, explore other artists styles and subject matter with homage by crediting the source of inspiration. As an up and coming creative, you want to feel your way into finding your lane which is creating in a signature style and mastering that method or creating a subject matter in an array of styles. The point is embracing your originality and allowing yourself to reflect that onto your work. Your audience grows with your natural, authentic vibration.

3. Care for your Body

Feeling burnt out? The best way to gain immediate relief of the physical wear that comes with burn-out, creative-block, unproductivity, and other pesky motivation killers is to have a physical activity or maintenance that relaxes you instantly. We're not saying squeeze a full fitness routine into being a full-time employee and full-time creative and the many other hats our creatives and artist wear. Some people may enjoy a work out to get them motivated and clear their blockages or burnout, some people may need rest and planning a home-body day or weekend. Others may need to do their skin-care routine or run a hot bath, get their nails done or go for a nature walk. Pouring into yourself physically will help reposition you mentally during these tough phases.

4. Review your Goals

Keep a journals or Notion board of your short and long term goals. It's always great to reflect on your accomplishments as you realize how many goals you hit, or use the realistic goals on your list as motivational factors. When in-need of self-care, select an achievable short term goal and plan the steps needed to check that off your list and what you'll do to celebrate your win after.

5. Treat Yourself

Celebrate YOU for making it as far as you have. Plan something as an appreciation and love gesture to yourself for being strong, resilient, high-achieving, consistent, whatever the reason YOU deserve appreciation.

6. Get Organized

If you feel things are piling up on you, get organized by planning your content, work, creation schedules. This will help things feel more manageable. If you need to schedule your adulting and leisure windows, that's always a great way to keep balance.

7. Disconnect

Take a weekend to disconnect, put your phone down and just live in the moment. No work, no creating, just existing in the moment. This will help you restore your energy and spark zest for inspiration. It's always when we're not creating, that we suddenly have all these ideas to create, am I right?

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