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We’ve made it! The first blog post of 2023, so don’t hop away! (did you see what we did there?)

If you made it past that corny joke, congrats, thank you, and Happy Lunar Year!

The year of the Rabbit, also known as “The Year of Hope,” is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity. Before we hop into another month (there I go again) and our first pop-up event, New New, tomorrow to kick off the year, we cannot emphasize how much you all, as individual artists and a community, have impacted our small team in various ways. We’re in constant reflection on that, as well as overwhelmingly looking forward to the opportunities ahead. With that also being said, similar to a rabbit, we hope you all treat yourself with grace and kindness as we balance out the energy of what this new year has for us.

As we continue to find many more opportunities for you all, we encourage you to take apply for:

Art & Dine (ongoing throughout the year): The Culture Candy has coordinated for restaurants throughout NYC to host artists by displaying their work.

Gaia | Goddess of Earth (March 2023): Showcasing the personification of Earth and its divine alignment with femininity.

The Bar (April 2023): Entering the season showcasing intention and purpose.

Dear Summer (August 2023): A love letter to summer.

Subscribe to our Art Fam Membership: where you’ll be able to connect with other local artists and have first-hand access to opportunities both locally and internationally.


Thank you for rocking with us thus far! To a year of longevity, peace, prosperity, and impact #ForTheCulture! Let’s make 2023 ours!

Cheers #ArtFam

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