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Artist Spotlight: eddie rivera

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Traditionally The Culture Candy has begun each Artist Spotlight with the artist bio…

Eddie Rivera’s story is anything but traditional so let’s begin this artistic tale with the words of the great MC Debra. “A New Cut… A New Color”

Eddie Rivera’s work is a collection of emotions ranging from heartache to heartbreak. It’s the journey of both highs and lows, it tells the story of inspiration and motivation.

Puerto Rican born to Mother and Father who eventually split after Dad’s long battle with addiction. 1985’ was the year of my birth. Shortly after Mom picked Eddie up and moved to Connecticut, where Eddie’s love story with art began.

Not always having access to the latest toys or video games, art supplies became Eddie’s outlet. Using art to fill the empty spaces of his heart, Eddie began to find a safe space in creation, a sense of freedom. A freedom that he didn’t experience early on...

Ups and downs at home made it difficult to function in a school where he was bullied and eventually Eddie left high School before graduating. Turning to the streets for guidance Eddie began to use drugs as a means of coping with what his heart couldn’t handle at the time.

Fully committed to the streets and a life of crime he eventually had been forced to serve time in prison where he began to explore music. Interestingly enough life has a way of bringing us home. As music was short-lived Eddie began painting pictures for other inmates in exchange for food.

“ Turning 21 in Jail was a real turning point for me”

He worked hard to obtain his GED and most importantly he worked hard to re-emerge with a plan.

“ Blossom into your own greatness. Don’t let other opinions dictate your creative process.”

Inspire by the creativity and pace that is New York City, traveling and chasing dreams continue to inspire me. Eddie aspires to feature in NYC galleries and museums alike.

Zalika Sterling

June 2022

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