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The Spotlight: Ashley Augustin Supreme

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Ashley Augustin Supreme is a Haitian American Artists whose realm of expertise is both illustration and creative writing. When asked about his why Ashley explains that art provides a sense of freedom. Ashley explains that art isn't just putting lines to paper, it's being able to create an entire world.

"There's a formula of chaos...That makes me feel alive"

Originally from Orange, New Jersey Ashley eventually moved to New York after graduating high school in 2005 where he attended the School of Visual Arts for three (3) years.

"I learned the difference between talent and hard work."

The School for Visual Arts began a self-discovery journey, a journey that led Ashley all over the city from Harlem to Brooklyn, this ultimately had a huge impact on his style.

Finding inspiration in women, anime, and movement Ashley fully embraced this unique perspective. Creating most pieces at 3 or 4 in the morning when the world has fallen asleep, Ashley is open about being an introvert.

Some of his biggest barriers seem to be balancing real-world expectations and life with creative goals. Ashley works hard to make time for relationships both personal and professional. Ashley is pushing to complete his story as completion has become the face of what defines success. His work can be found online using the Instagram platform @blackandblue_7.

Zalika Zeni

May 2022

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