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The Spotlight: Ashli Genevia

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Ashli Genevia recognizable as A.G. The Canvas Killer began painting in 2016. Focused on the feeling of nostalgia to bring to life on canvas the words we are unable to express. Using her canvas and paintbrush as a pathway to vulnerability and emotional connection, The Canvas Killer demonstrates her worldly experiences.

Continuously discovering the world that is art, being a student of life, and viewing experiences through a broad lens, Ashli admits that she lets the canvas dictate when a piece is finished, naming patience as one of her biggest tools.

We asked Ashli what advice she has for artists who are just beginning to navigate their journey through the art world? Ashli advises against comparing yourself to other artists and to be reminded to create for yourself.


Zalika Zeni

May 2022

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